Nurdian Cuaca (ex-husband of Jamie Chua) Biography-Age-Height-Networth

Who is Nurdian Cuaca?

Nurdian Cuace is an Indonesian Millionaire businessman who has several business chains around Asia. Although, most know him as the ex-husband of Jamie Chua. Jamie Chua is a Singaporean socialite famous on social media for her luxurious lifestyle and fashion sense and taste, which capture the public eye. Jamie has a good number of followers on her social media. Nurdian has two children, and both are doing great in their life.

Quick Information of Nurdian Cuaca

Name Nurdain Cuaca
Date12 October 1965
Age 54
BirthplaceJakarta, Indonesia
Sun sign Libra
Religion Buddhism
Ethnicity Javanese
Occupation Businessman
Height 5ft 6 inches (1.67 m / 167 cm)
Weight 70 kg (154 lbs)
Body measurement 38-32-36
Eye color brown
Hair color brown
Marital status divorces
Ex-wife Jamie Chua
Children 2
Son Cleveland Cuaca
DaughterCalista Cuaca
Qualification Graduate
Net worth 50 million US Dollar
Income and assets 15-20 million US dollar

Some interesting facts about Nurdian Cuaca

  • Nurdian Cuaca has long been renowned as a businessman. When he married Jamie Chua, he forced her to abandon her work as a flight attendant to operate Cloud 9 Lifestyle, a shoe company.
  • He is a well-known player in the real estate business. Most of the people in Singapore know him for the real estate business.
  • While his divorce with Jamie cases was going on, he tried to hide his assets so that he wouldn’t have to give her any alimony.
  • According to a few sources, he is getting ready for his second marriage but with suspense for everyone as he has not mentioned anything related to his rumor. He is silent on this topic.
  • When it comes to his children, he wants to give them the best life possible. His son was gifted a luxurious apartment on his 24th birthday, and his daughter is his princess.

Nudian Cuaca ex wife- Jamie chua

Jamie Chua is a well-known name in Singapore. She is a popular social media influencer with 1.2 million followers on her Instagram and 500k subscribers on her YouTube channel. Jamie is known best for her luxurious life and her fashion sense. She has a collection of more than 200 Hermes Birkin and Kelly bags. Chua spends 15000 US dollars monthly on her beauty treatment. She has her beauty care product line, and she started a platform for 2nd hand branded products where people can buy and sell used products like cloths bags, shoes, and many more.

Jamie met Nudian on a Singapore flight in 1993, where she worked as an air hostage. The couple showed interest in each other and decided to get to know each other, and they even dated for two years. In 1995 the couple decided to spend their life together and tied the knot. The couple has two children together. After 15 years, their marriage ended, and the couple decided to separate and enjoy their individual life.

After the relationship ended, Jamie faced lots of judgment from the public as she is young and beautiful. People called her a gold digger, which hurt her a lot. In one interview, she breaks down. She told everyone that when she met Nurdian, he was not rich. Whatever they have together is the result of their both effort and hard work. She is equally responsible for his success as she supported him and quit her job to look after his business.

Now Jamie is doing great in her life professionally as well as personally. She is currently in a relationship with lawyer Terence Koh. Some people even called Terence Jamie her “Instagram husband.” He shoots most of Jamie’s Instagram posts as he is okay with it and believes that it’s his 24 hrs job and he’s ready to do it forever. He even passed a statement for it by saying, “If you are not up for shooting your queen, someone else will. So suck it up and get your act together, fellas.”

Why was Nurdian Cuaca in controversy for his divorce from Jamie?

In February 2010, Jamie filed for divorce because Nurdian allegedly cheated on her by having an extra affair besides his marriage. Their divorce made headlines for many news in 2010 as Jamie asked for $450000 every month to maintain her lifestyle, and the amount was a lot for Nurdian.

Even Nurdian tried to hide his assets to ignore Jamie’s alimony amount, but unfortunately, Jamie has a clear idea about his assets, which put him in trouble. A research team investigated his assets, and it was clear that he was worth $15 million from real estate in Hongkong and more than $80 million worth of private investments. Besides, the couple owns two houses, one in Sentosa Cove, the other in Hongkong, and have an extensive wine collection, a Ferrari, Lamborghini, a Porsche, and a private company.

The investigation concluded that Nurdian indeed tried hiding his assets. In 2011, the couples settled out of the court, where Chua received massive amounts and properties, and their relationship ended. Nurdian and Jamie’s divorce case was in the news due to lots of dramas, although in the end, they both settled out maturely and moved on in their separate ways.

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Nurdian Cuaca children

Nurdian has two children, one son Cleveland and daughter Calista Cuaca. They are pretty active in social media, like their mother, and have a good fan following. Nurdian always tries hard so that he can give everything to his children. Being a millionaire, it’s not even that hard for him. On his son’s 24th birthday, he gave him the most lavish apartment, and he treats his daughter as his princess makes her every wish come true.

Nurdian Cuaca net worth

He is known as one of the rich people in Indonesia. He has businesses around Asia and is a real player in the real estate world in Singapore. According to some estimates, his net worth is around 50 million US dollars, and he has assets worth 15-20 million US dollars. Nurdian has prestige and a good reputation in Indonesia and lived a luxurious life with his ex-wife Jamie.