26 years old Lannia Ohlana twitch streamer committed suicide

Who is Ohlana?

Ohlana is one of the youngest twitch streamers in the gaming community who committed suicide. She was one of the most fun-loving and entertaining streamers in the gaming world who present realistic content. Everyone enjoyed watching her and loved to play with her online. She was pretty active in social media where she has 100000 followers on the online streaming service and 186k followers in her gram account.  

According to her closest one she is most fun loving, a sweet and strong personality woman who knows how to enjoy her life beside that she is most humble person anyone can meet. Her friends and fans are quite shocked by her dismiss.

What was the reason behind Ohlana suicide?

Too be honest she was doing really well in her profession as she is even know for her gaming job. She has good sources of income beside that she looks quite attractive cause of her physical features. So normally we can guess that there was nothing so harsh in her life that she takes such huge step giving up her life. It’s quite hard to believe but the reality is that she is no more with us.


Before taking committing suicide she posts back to back in her twitter and Instagram, which makes her fans thinkable about the situation. Her fans feel as she is going through lots of hard times and felt left out before anyone could give her their hand to support her she made her decision and left us all.

By seeing her post anyone can say that she was going through mental health issues. She was fighting with depression and has no one with whom she could share her thoughts expressed her feeling what actually she is facing. In fact we live in such society where we said our closet one that we are always with them, available for them but sad part is that we even don’t know what other is going through being so closed to them. We lived in cruel world where everyone is busy in their own stuff and doesn’t have time for their own peoples too, until or unless if it’s related to money.

Even Ohlana felt pressured and left out in this society where she found no one for her which is the main cause of her death. She has no one with whom she could talk and felt good. In the end, she only feels loneliness in her life which she can’t bear and in the end, she gave up her fighting with her loneliness by committing suicide.

Quick Information of Ohlana

Name Lannia Ohlana
Birth 7th February 1994
Birthplace Canada
Age 26
Height 5 ft 4 inches
Sun sign Aquarius
Dismiss 7th July, 2020
Ethnicity Asian
Profession Gamer
Relationship statussingle
Sexuality straight
Hair color dark brown
Eye color dark brown
Social media instagram, twitter
Net worth 200,000 US Dollar

Her post before her Suicide

Before giving up her life ohlana continuously post in her twitter account and puts the story on her Instagram. Her posts were quite a depth. It seems as if she was trying to say something which was killing her.

In July 6, 2020 she post tweet in her twitter account where she talks about depressed people and their fear and how they end up feeling lonely however her such post makes her fan more concern for her .

“Depressed ppl struggle to reach out in fear the ones closest to them will have cops show up and forcefully confine them against their will. So they’re stuck feeling alone with their dark thoughts because they don’t want to trapped where they just feel worse.”

In same day she against post “it’s not anybody fault”. While her post lefts her friend and fans in brain storming condition.

On gram Ohlana post her thoughts and feeling in detail she thanks her friends and followers for supporting her and feels blessed for her all the opportunities like playing video games and travelling the world.

“I’ve made my mistakes, I’ve taken my looses and I endures\d all the consequences that were deemed valid. But sometimes it clouds my skies a little larger that it should. Some storms are heavier than others.. and that’s okay. We all fight our own battles,” said by Ohalana

At the end she thanks everyone for everything, asked them to take care of themselves and left emotional note for her fans and followers which was her last activities in her social media.

“Sometimes all it takes is courage to know you’re not alone. It’s a beautiful day today. Go out and enjoy it for me”

Ohlana Instagram

Ohlana Twitter

Is she the only one streamer from gaming community who committed suicide?

Ohlana is not only the one who gave up her life before her two other streamers from the same community committed suicide. She is the third one and the youngest one who gave up her life. In last week after GTAV, role-player Kenny “blue622” Tancredi died at 30. Another 31 yrs old twitch veteran Byron “reckful” Bernstein committed suicide too. Even Byron posted tweets before his death saying “insane person does not feel in control of their action”.