Maximilian David Muñiz (Jennifer Lopez Son)|Biography-Age-Height-School-Sibling

Who is Maximilian David Muñiz?

maximilian david muñiz

11 years old Max is a celebrity kid whose mother is none other than a famous singer and actress Jennifer Lopez and father is Marc Anthony who is also a singer and actor. Maximilian David Muniz has his twin sister who is one minute elder than him and her name is Emme Maribel Muniz. Max was born on 22nd February 2008 in long Island, New York. He was only 5 pounds and 13 ounces while he was a newborn baby. Lopez doesn’t have normal delivery she goes through C-section during her delivery period as she was giving birth to twin baby and the case was quite serious too.

Quick information

Name Maximilian David Muñiz
Birth 22nd February, 2008
Birth place Long Island, new York, US
Birthday Friday
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Nationality American
Language English, Spanish
Height4ft 11 inches
Weight40 kg
Body typeslim
Hair color brown
Eye color light brown
Father Marco Antonio Muniz
Mother Jennifer Lynn Lopez
Twin Sister emme
Step father Alex Rodriguez
Step Sister Natasha Alexander and Ella Alexander

Maximilian David Muñiz mother – Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer was born on 24th july in 1969 in new York city, United state of USA. Jennifer is one of the well known and most loved singer in the industry who was nominated multiples time in many award functions beside that she gives best and hit songs even some of them are best seller.

A part from singing she is also known for her acting skills. She is the first Latino actress who sign movie contract for 1million US dollar. She is best known for “shades of blue”, monster-in-law, maid in manhattan and many more

She is also knows for her linkups although she has dated several men but married thrice. Her first marriage was with ojani noa in 1997 but they separated at one year of their marriage. After that she gets married to Cris Judd in 2001 but this times too the marriage end after two year i.e. 2003. Later in 2004 jennifer tied her knots to Marc Anthony but this time her marriage life sustain for 10 years. In 2014 the couple decides to separate. Now Jennifer is engaged to Alex Rodriguez who has two daughters from her ex wife. The couple is planning to tie their knots but still they have not decided when too.

According to Jennifer being mother of two beautiful child especially twin is blessing and it’s the best feeling for her. After giving birth to her twin she felt as complete women and a proud mother. She never fails to express her love for her children. In 2017-18 Max received award as the “star reader” and “accelerated reader” at school where Jennifer post in her gram telling how proud mom is she to the world.

Jennifer feels that max is too mature according to his age as he knows how to love care and be humble gentle for everyone at his 11 yrs. She even called him “old soul” for his such character.

Max father – Marco Anthony

Marco Antonio Muniz is also well known singer, song writer and actor who was born in September 16, 1968 in New York city of USA. Marco won twice the Grammy award. Beside that he also wrote his name in Guinness world record for selling most albums on Billboard Tropical albums. Marco shows his acting skills in entertainment industry and he is known best for man on fire, Hawthorne and bringing out the dead.

If we talks about his personal life then he gets married fourth times and have almost 6 children. His first wife was Maria Von Ritchie Lopez (1998-2000), 2nd wife was miss universe Dayanara Torres (2000-2004), third wife Jennifer Lopez (2004-2010), and fourth wife was To Shannon de Lima (2014-2017). By beings his personal life and his hooks up I must say he is quite colorful in nature. But now he is single and enjoying his life with his six children.

Max biological parents relationship

Jennifer and Anthony tied their knots with each other in 2004, where their twin child was born in 2008 so the couple gets their children after their marriage. However due to some reason the couple decided to separate and end their marriage life in 2014 with mutual understanding. Both of them applied for their child custody and both gets half custody.

In other to give their child normal life like other, Jennifer and Anthony turns into best friend so that they can co-parent their twin, gave them good normal family environment. However being parents they want their child to be good human being at first for that they became friends so their twin don’t feel uneasy or uncomfortable with their biological current partners and their family situation and relationship. Jennifer and Marc are in great terms with each other in personal and professional life.

Twin sister – Emme Maribel Muniz

Max has his twin sister who is one minute older than him however the twin has got nothing similar except their singing talent which they got from their parents. Emme is a singer who performed in 2020 live super bowl halftime with her mother and singer Shakira. Max also has his 2 step sisters and three half brothers and 1 half-sister.

Maximilian social media

11 years old star kid also has his Instagram account but that is join account of Emme and Max however the account is run by her mother too where we get to see pictures of max and Emme along with their mother, father and some funny videos along with captions. There are 5253 followers in Jennifer twin gram account.  

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