Brahman Galanti (Lyssa Chapman’s ex-husband) Biography-Age-height-Family-Networth

Who is Brahman Galanti?

Actually being audience I never heard the Brahman Galanti but later I came to know that Brahman was the ex-husband of American TV personality and businesswomen Lyssa Chapman who is also the daughter of Duane dog Chapman. Brahman was born sunny city of America Hawaii in 24th July 1973. There is not any information about Brahman Galanti as he gets into the limelight for marring Lyssa and divorcing her. The couple has their daughter after their marriage. After divorce with Lyssa, there is not much information about Brahman even no one knows whether he is living or not. According to a few sources it was clear that he is having a low key life away from the limelight.

Quick Facts of Brahman Galanti

Name Brahman Galanti
Birth 24 july 1973
Sun sign Leo
Birth place Hawaii, the United States of America
Nationality American
Ethnicity mixed
Marital status Divorced
Ex-wife Lyssa Chapman
Daughter Madalynn Grace Galanti
Networth500k US Dollar
Brahman Galanti Wiki

Some facts about Brahman

  • Brahman and Lyssa used to date each other before their marriage.
  • Brahman was abusive by nature and he even involved in physical abuse relation with Lyssa through which she runs to her father to protect herself from Brahman Galanti.
  • Brahman received threatening warning from Lyssa father after that he was kicked out by Lyssa from their house.
  • There is not any information available in the internet or any media accept his marriage and divorce, it seems as he loves to keep things hide even after getting into the limelight.
  • After his divorced with Lyssa he completely disappears, well no one knows anything about him.
  • He is not even active in social media; he doesn’t have any social account in such a digital world.

Brahman ex-wife- Lyssa Chapman

Brahman ex-wife- Lyssa Chapman

Lyssa Rae Chapman is popular as baby lyssa. She is one of the strong personality IN TV and businesswomen. She made her name in the entertainment industry after playing on her father Duane Chapman shows do the Bounty hunter. Now she is having a good life but she has faced a lot of struggling from her childhood. Her life was never easy.

Her dad was addicted to drugs and mother was alcoholic she never gets proper attention from her parents as she was the 9th children. She got married to Brahman galanti in February 20, 2009 in Hawaii. Everything was going good even the couple expect their first baby girl. In 2011 the couple decides to separate due to their personal issues. 

After her divorce she decides to change her life she makes her entry in TV shows with help of her dad. In 2019 she open her online clothing store and in 2013 she even published her autobiography in spring 2013. She makes herself settle in her professional life but what about her personal life. Well currently she is in relationship with Leiana Evensen who is a fitness trainer. The couple gets engaged in 2017.

Recently she was in the news as two peoples claim that she tried to harass them even she was arrested too but she was bail in money $600 and the case was running in court.  

Why did Brahman and lyssa decide to separate?

Before marrying each other the couple dated each other for few times and in 2009 they tied their knots with each other. They were living happily and expecting their first child together but after 2 years of marriage, the couple decides to split. The main reason for their separation is none other than Brahman Galanti abusive behaviour he used to abuse her mentally and physically. One day she runs to her father and told him about Brahman behaviour even her father warned him but it seems as he was not listening to him. In the end, lyssa kicked him out of their house as her father told her to case him but she doesn’t want to get involved in such police case and all.

So in 2011, she decides to take divorce from him and in applied online however they successfully separated from each other and their marriage life. After their divorces, the couple was never spotted together.

Brahman Galanti Net Worth

We really tried hard to figure out about his profession but no data is available related to his childhood, parents, his profession and soon. So it is really hard to figure out his net worth however his ex-spouse net worth is expected to be like 500k US Dollar. Besides his marriage life and divorce with lyssa, there is not much information especially his personal data are available. Likewise, he is not even active in social media too.

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