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Who is James Bennet? Biography

James Bennet is a Veteran American. A journalist who has actively contributed to the American News Society for decades. He served as editor-in-chief in The Atlantic in 2006. He was appointed  Jerusalem Bureau Chief and White House Correspondent in 2012. He was born on March 28, 1966, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. He is 54 years old. He served as editorial page editor at The NewYork times from  2016 and resigned in 2020. His elder brother is US senator Michael Bennet. He is believed to be honest with his profession and He admits that he has not done work in favor of a single person, even his brother Michael. He has been involved in some controversies throughout his life which he justifies as his thought of liberty, independence, and Journalism.

Body details:

He is 5 feet 8 inches taller in height.He weighs 79 kilograms. Even at this age he  is fit and strong.

Early life and Career Highlights:

His family is from Boston, Massachusetts, USA. His father’s name is Douglas J Bennet and he was a political official. His father joined Sen Thomas F Eagleton so they moved to Washington. His mother Sussane Bennet was an English teacher at non profitable organization, Language ETC. He has two siblings.  His brother’s name is Michael Bennet.  He also like his father is a politician and has served as Senator in Colorado since 2009. He has a sister.He was good at his education. He completed his school education from St. Albans School. He  then joined Yale University for Higher education. His education played a vital role in shaping his career in Journalism. He completed his Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Yale University. His highest level of education in records is BA. His qualification doesn’t show the level of success he had in his lifetime.

His career started as an intern for The News Republic. He began to work as editor at The Washington post in the early 90’s. He started working for NewYork Times in 1991.His return from Jerusalem made him clear that there is difference between terrorist and terrorism. He gave  the magazine The Atlantic first profitable year in a decade in 2010 after increasing The Web Traffic. He also had some controversies regarding Britney Spears interview and recently due to a controversial article published on June 4,2020 , He had to resign from The Times.

Love life and kids:

His love life has always maintained a privacy.He has maintained his personality by staying away from rumours and fake news about girlfriends and relationships.  It is said that he was engaged in a relationship in the past but it is not confirmed yet. He married Sarah Jessup in 2001 in a civil ceremony. He had good understanding with his wife .His wife  gave birth to two children. Both of them are sons.

Quick Information

Name: James Bennet
Full Real Name: James Douglas Bennet
Popularly Known as:James
Country: USA
Nationality: American 
Birth Place: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Date of Birth (Birthday): March 28,1966
Age: 54 years
Height:5 feet 8 inches
Weight: 79 kilograms 
Body measurements: N/A
Religion: Christianity

Some facts about James Bennett:

  1. He was the first editor to cover Britney Spears in The Atlantic in 2008.
  2. James Ruling House is the first house and Ruling body is Mars.
  3. Tuesday is the luckiest day for him.
  4. His lucky colour is Red .
  5. His Zodiac sign is Aries.
  6. He was the first to interview Britney Spears on The Atlantic.
  7. He was the first to make The Atlantic profitable in decades.
  8. He interned for The New Republic.

Income/NetWorth 2020:

His income  source is his involvement as Correspondent, Editor in chief and many for decades long career. It is estimated  that his Net Worth in 2020 is about $ 5 million.He also resigned recently in June 2020 after George Floyd controversial article  from The New York times so his salary will not add to his Net Worth.

Trending news regarding James Bennet:


The editorial page head James Bennet of The NewYork times has resigned after his decision to publish an op-ed by a US Senator who called for military force against anti-racism protesters.

He initially defended the scenario but later he had no choice rather than to resign. The hardline op-ed which Bennet defended as an example of newspaper commitment to ideological diversity was met with both internal and external outrage.

Cotton’s essay which was published encouraged an overwhelming show of force to disperse, detain the protesters as anti-racism protests rage across US over the police killing of Black man George Floyd. 

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