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Who is Vin Diesel?

 Vin Diesel Originally named as Mark Sinclair , is an American actor, producer, director, and screenwriter. His date of birth is July 18, 1967. He is 52 years old.His fame is contributed by the name of  Dominic Toretto in the Fast & Furious franchise, and is one of the highest-grossing actors of all time.Vin Diesel is the founder of three production companies with the label One race films,Racetrack Records and Tigon studios.He has second highest facebook fan following.He also has voiced for Groot in Guardians of Galaxy Series.He love to play any roles which shows his hunger for work. He also has acted in Comedy Genres like The Pacific and Find me Guilty. 

Early life and Career Highlights:

He was born in Alameda County, California with his twin Paul.His mother’s name is Derola Sherleen.She is an astrologer. Her mother perceived him that he belongs to a mix of different culture as She was of English, German and Scottish descent. His parents marriage was inter racial which was illegal at that time of anti miscegenation laws. He grew up in New York.His step dad was  Afro American theater manager. His name is Irving H Vincent. His twin brother Paul is not alike him. He used to take care of her younger siblings as he was the eldest. His step dad used to support him. His mother always tried to maintain healthiness of the family ,so she never allowed them to have fast foods, sodas. She used to feed them with multi grain breads.

He was involved in acting in early age . At 7 he acted in a play Dinosaur Door. Van Diesel was parallely involved in theatres till he joined Hunter College in Newyork. He graduated in creative writing which made the base for his screenwriting skills.

Movie Carrer Highlights:

He first acted, directed ,produced in a semi autobiography film Multi Facial where he potrays him as an actor who is stuck in audition process.Later on this film screened at Cannes Festival,1995.He then again produced, directed and starred in an urban drama film where he portrays himself as a gang leader who changed for his love.

He got a small role in Multi starrer film Saving Private Ryan in 1998.

He then uplifted to a support role in Boiler Room, a drama thriller in 2000. He then got chance in the movie Pitch Black as a lead actor in the same year. After that he went to be an action starrer in blockbuster hits Fast and Furious and XXX:The state of Union in 2002. A sad incident happened when he chose a box office failure Chronicles of Riddicle over Fast and furious and XXX sequels.

The next two years were difficult as his movie Find me Guilty was poor at box office.After that he again shifted to Fast and Furious Sequels.His science fiction film Babylon A.D was also a failure in 2008. He then revived his role in Fast and Furious 5,6,7 and 8 and also in Riddick in 2013.

His roller coaster ride continued and in 2015 He starred in The Last Witch Hunter . He then acted in XXX: The return of Xander Cage where he co-starred With bollywood actress Deepika Padukone.He is going to appear in Avatar-2 . It is one of the most awaited film of the upcoming time.

How tall is Vin Diesel? Vin Diesel Body and Height

He is 5 feet 5 inches taller in Height. He weighs 102 kilograms. He has developed a very giantic and strong physique. He used to be thin and slim in his early days. His body measures chest(52inches)


Love Life ,Wife and kids:

He openly states he wants privacy in his personal life so there won’t be a long list of girlfriends you will get to know. He dated his Co-Star Michelle Rodriguez around 2001. He started dating Paloma Jiminez in 2007. She is a Mexican Model. He has three children with Paloma. His daughter Hania Riley is eldest and born in April 2008. His son Vincent Sinclair in 2010 and the youngest daughter Pauline in March 2015. He is a family man you can say as he is so kind even to others. He is also Meadow’s God Father. Meadow is the daughter of Paul Walker.

Some interesting facts about Diesel:

  1. His twin brother Paul works as producer.
  2. He is unknown of his full ethnic background.
  3. He worked as Bouncer at the age of 17.
  4. His auditions were ignored due to heavy muscles and less hairs.
  5. He has his own video game studio.
  6. Vin had a prenominition that he will die at the suit of F&F 7 and shared with Walker. After some day Walker died in an accident.
  7. He is the most liked actor on facebook.
  8. He doesn’t like tatoos as other actors do.
  9. He has never met his biological father nor he knows of him.
  10. He was a great break dancer in his teens.

Vin diesel NetWorth:

He has earned from movies, his production companies, advertisements. His net worth is estimated to be$ 200 million.

He is one of the most expensive actors of the world.

Quick Information FACTS-WIKI

Name: Vin Diesel

Full Real Name:Mark Sinclair

Popularly Known as: Vin Diesel 

Country: USA


Profession: Actor, Director ,Producer

Age: 52 years

Religion: Roman Catholic

Birth Place: Alameda county,California

Date of Birth (Birthday): July 18,1967

Father Name:Irving H Vincent

Mother Name:Delora Sherleen

Brother Name: Paul(Twin)

Sister Name: Samantha 

Marital status: UnMarried

Relationship status: Engaged

Partner Name: Paloma Jiminez

Children/Kids: 3

Son Name: Vincent Sinclair

Daughter Name: Paulina,Hania Riley

Height: 5 feet 5 inches

Weight: 102 kilograms

Body measurements: chest(52inches),waist(34inches),biceps(18inches)

Some Major Awards:

1.Online Film Critics Society Award for Saving Private Ryan in 1999.

2.MTV Movie Award for Fast and Furious in 2002.

3.Video Software Dealers Association Award for Chronicles of  Riddick in 2005.

4. Cinema Con Award for Fast Five in 2011.

5. Teen Choice Award for F&F 7 in 2015.

6.MTV Movie Award for Best On screen duo with Paul Walker in 2014.

 Vin Diesel Facebook, Twitter, Instagram:

His Instagram:



Some Most asked questions

Who is Vin Diesel married to?

He is married to Paloma Jimenez.

Is vin diesel gay?

No, He is not a gay.

How old is vin diesel 2020?

He is 52 years now, He was born on July 18, 1967

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