Will Kim Kardashian divorce Kanye West? Kim and Kanye relationship

One of the most powerful couples in the industry who never falls to rules their fans heart. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Even right now the couples are trending worldwide for their makeup and break up news. The couple was in news since Kanye announced his participation for the president position. Well, the news was pretty shocking for his family and fans however he didn’t gave up and keep going. The couples was doing goods until Kanye open up his some private secrets in front of the world which actually pissed off Kim as she never expected such behaviour from her husband through which they are in news for their separation rumours.

Who are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West?

Well kim is one of the powerful American personality, who is best known for her beauty products and slim suits beside that she is well known TV personality, actress, model and many more. Beside all of this most of audiences are huge fans of her amazing body shape. Well she came into public attention specially after her TV reality shows “keeping up with the kardashian” which is one of the hit of all times, beside this she was in limelight for her sex taps with her partners and for her dating rumors.

If we talk about Kanye he is one of the best singer plus rapper of entertainment industry who is running for president position. He is one of the strong personality black man who was listed as 2nd most paid celebrity of 2019 by forbes after kylie.

Kim and Kanye relationship

Kim and kanye are both independent and very strong individual personality so when they are together they are count as most powerful couples. Before being in relation with each other they both were really good friends for long times.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West start dating each other when Kim was legally married to Humphries. After her 2nd marriage divorce, they start getting open about their relationships in front of the public. Then in December 2012, Kanye announced that he and Kim was expecting their first child while he was performing a concert in Atlantic city he asked to stop the music and told the public to the hype and make noise for his baby mama. 

In Kim 33 rd birthday Kanye proposes her for marriage and the couple officially gets engaged in the present of their family and close friends. Their journey was pretty exciting and on May 24, 2014, the couple officially gets marriage at Fort di Belvedere in Florence, Italy. Their marriage was news for everyone even the news York times considered their marriage as “a historical blizzard of celebrity”.

They shared four children together however they was counted as happy family in the planet. Actually this couple was ruling the industry as they are partnership with various valuable brands and made their presents in many popular magazines front page. Even their fans gave them name “KIMYE”. They were inspiring lots of youth couples beside that they became their couple goals but the news of their separation are hurting their fans as the couple was their idol.

What happen between kim and kanye?

When it comes to kardashian and jenner family nothing is hidden. Especially about kim we all are pretty familiars about her life. She has always been open about herself and through her TV reality “keeping up with kardashain” we know her even better.   

When it comes to kanye he is little unexpressive but we can’t deny the fact that he always speak what he has in his mind and even he doesn’t care through which he put himself in controversy and news.

When even kanye put himself in any kind of trouble its kim who helped him and covered him likewise kanye even support kim when it comes to became lawyer or any kind of business, kanye always support her.

But in 2020 July, kanye shared some hilarious secrets in front of the world during his first rally of president campaign. He shared that he never want his first child north and thought of aborting with kim but kim want her so they have north but he never want her. The statement which he shared was really heaving he even shared that he forced his wife kim to sell her sex tape as they run out of money and soon. He shared his private secrets in front of the world and told everyone that after this kim can divorce him too but still he keeps going.

This controversy actually breaks kim into tears. According to her being mother is beautiful blessing and she actually enjoy her motherhoods and she always wants to protect her children’s and gave them best life they deserve. However she never wants something like this to happen neither wants her children especially north to feels bad hearing that her dad doesn’t want her. she was really mad at kanye for such behavior.

However kanye didn’t stopped their he keeps tweeting about kim saying she locked him into room and taking doctor for his checkup and many more. He also talked about his mother in law kris jenner saying her leader of family and poking her directly. He keeps going on.

Whatever kanye did with kim still she is putting her best to cover him. She told publicly that he was suffering from mental disorder as he lost his mother and has lots of pressure being black men and many others his works that he could not get enough time for himself. He feels like uncontrollable. She even cleared that he is suffering from bi-polar disorder and being public figure he is being subject of criticism as he fails to control his emotions in front of the world. By seeing her such supportive statement for kanye we can’t deny that she is still there for him because he is her childrens father.

Will kim divorce kanye?

Well its hard to predict will kim actually leave kanye or not, but we can say that she is best mother whatever she will do she will think of her kids first. Even recently kanye and kim were spotted together along with their children for vacations. The couple was having really hard times last few weeks. So kim wants some times with her children and want kanye to feels good as he was suffering from mental issue.

Even kanye post few tweets claming that he didn’t wrong and feels sorry for his behavior and accept that he can never protect kim as she does for him. Likewise he tweets for his mother in law too saying she got good playlist.

Personally I don’t feel that the couple will separate, as both of them wants their children to have best for them so according to my view, Kanye and Kim will compromise for their children bright future although Kim is really hurt from Kanye this times. However, it will be interesting to watch what Kim will do at last everyone will respect her decisions.

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