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Pearl Fernandez and her boyfriend-Gabriel Fernandez mother

Who is pearl fernandez?

37 years old women who killed her 8 years old son with her boyfriend in 2013. We are hearing this name as we can find documentary in Netflix named “the trails of Gabriel fernandz”. The documentary is based on the real story where a psychopath mother killed her son by torturing with her boyfriend.

Quick Infomation

Real name      Pearl Sinthia Fernandez
Birth    29th august 1983
Age          37 yrs (2020)
Husband    Arnold Contraras
Boyfriend      Isauro Aquirre
Child                                          3
Child name                                          Garbriel Fernandeze,
Ezeqaiel and virginia
Nationality                                 American
Religion                                      Christianity
Height                                                          5feet 4inches
(1.64 metres)
Weight                                  53 kg
Residence           Old (California)
Father                                        Robert Fernandez
Mother                                      Sandra Fernandez
Pearl Fernandez Biography

Surprising facts about Pearl Fernandez

  • She was mentally disordered, has personality disorder and she cant controlled her emotion specially her temper.
  • She has poor and struggling past, everyone used to abuse her and she was raped by several mans even she was never in any healthy relationship, she was always in abusive relationship where she physically and mentally get abuse.
  • Her son Gabriel Fernandez belong to LGBT community and she never want to have him even she left him in hospital where he was raised by her maternal grandmother.
  • She was charged 1st degree for killing her son but she was not given death penalty as she found guilty and felt sorry for her family and her death son beside that she was mentally ill so she was punished for whole life prison.
  • She used to take excessive dose of pain killer and other medicines

Pearl Fernandez used to live with her boyfriend Isauro Aquirre along with her children. She was a psychopath women who usually have emotional instability. She gave birth to Gabriel Fernandez in 2005 but she was never happy with his birth as she found he was guy. She always wants to ignore him so he was raised by different family member. Later she took his custody with her boyfriend. When ever she saw him she felt hard to control her emotion. She usually takes high dose of medicines which makes her mind unconscious and temper high. It was not new for her to torture her children but she punished Gabriel unnecessarily. She abused him so badly with her boyfriend that in 2013 she killed her own eight years old son.

According to Gabriel sibling their mother pearl used to tortured his a lot, she used to beat him with belt making him naked, forced him to eat expired foods, make him clean house and toys, and even sometimes abused him by using cigarette in his skin and many more. Their mother used to enjoy and laugh with her boyfriend when ever Gabriel felt pain.

Why pearl was not punished for death?

Pearl was charged first degree punishment for killing her younger son along with her boyfriend. Pearl and isauro both admitted their crime but isauro was punished but death where as pearl was punished to spend her whole life in prison as criminal. Because of her mental disability and low IQ she was given such penalty.

According to Neuropsychologist she has intellectual disability which makes her hard to control her behavior and temper through which she end up losing her emotion.

Even in LA reported that pearl feels guilty and was sorry for her such behavior. She felt sorry for her family, child and her death son. She wishes that she could control her temper and can bring her son back she felt guilty and admitted her crime through which she was not penalized for death.

Where is Gabriel Biological father?

Arnold Contreras-Gabriel Biological father

Gabriel was the younger son of pearl and Arnold. Being audience even I want to know where was Gabriel father why he failed to save his own son, why he allows some other man to take care of his own son and many more.

Pearl and Arnold was separated before the birth of Gabriel. Arnold was not able to deal with pearl behavior it was hard for both of them to stay other. Even once pearl tried to stamp Arnold from his back which makes things even more complicated and at the end they separated. Pearl took their children’s custody and never allowed him to get close with his children. He felt bad as he was not able to save his son. He blamed himself for Gabriel death as he was aware about pearl behavior but still he allowed her to take his children’s responsibility. He felt sorry as he could not save his eight years old son for getting tortured and murdered.

Right now he is in prison behind the bar. He was charged for misusing personal information.

Why this news is on trending now a days?

Right now people’s are being concerned about this news cause of the real crime based documentation in Netflix. The documentary was made on real crime story which grabbed public attention in this pandemic situation.

Where is pearl Fernandez now?

Some peoples believed that she was killed too in prison where some peoples still thinks she is alive. Some assumed that she was bitten in jail. While it will be hard to give exact information but according to some witness it was clear that she is in Chowchilla state women prison and was getting proper mental treatment. It is hard to know whether she is facing physical violence or not but right now she is facing the punishment which she received behind the bar for whole life until her death.

Gabriel Fernandez | Biography |Age|the trials of Gabriel Fernandez

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